Our Services

Our in-home private lesson programs allow us to focus effectively and intensively on your individual training goals. All of our programs are customizable, to meet your and your dog’s individual needs and goals. You can expect quick improvements in undesirable behaviors, clearer communication and a better relationship between you and your dog, and reliable learning of new, more desirable behaviors and manners.

These programs are best for families who have time and energy to dedicate to their dog’s learning experience.  Your dog’s success depends on your commitment to his success. 

During the “active learning” phase of your training, you’ll be practicing daily.  Once the initial training is over, you’ll need to maintain what your dog has learned by using it regularly.  Never fear!  We’ll help you figure out specifically how to work training into your schedule, and into your daily activities. We’ll also guide you in settling into a “trained dog lifestyle”, so that you can use it, not lose it!

Our unique aftercare, support, and specialty “continuing education” classes ensure you’ll have the means to maintain what you and your dog have worked hard for.

*programs and prices subject to change without notice

Puppy Training

Congratulations on your new puppy! 

An adult dog is the sum total of his previous experiences, and we know his early experiences are critically important.  Great puppy training sets the stage for your dog to grow up to be the best dog he can be…confident, friendly, polite, a true companion. 

As a matter of fact, MOST of the problems dog owners call me about can be gently and easily prevented with the proper training at the right time. 


There’s a “golden window of opportunity” before a puppy is about 16 weeks old, when we can easily create connection, influence attitudes, and shape behaviors, with very little fuss or muss.  Once that developmental stage is past, all is certainly not lost, but things become more challenging.

Our individualized puppy training is specifically tailored to a puppy’s quickly-changing developmental needs, and to YOUR needs as his owner.

Puppies learn all day, every day, whether you’re intentionally “training” them or not.  Start as early as you can, and make sure you’re teaching what you intend!

Now offering online training!  

Quick Start

Of course the first few weeks with a new puppy are going to be busy.  But you don’t need to write off sleep for the next two months, plan to replace all your carpeting, or invest in truckloads of band-aids!

Consider this a “crash course” in all things puppy. 

Take advantage of puppies’ receptive learning phase to lay the groundwork for a lifetime of success!

In 1 extended in-home lesson, we’ll give you a game plan for your puppy’s first weeks at home, to set her and you up for long-term success: 

  • crate training and housetraining, setting the foundation for a daily schedule
  • socializing safely and appropriately
  • self-calming and impulse control
  • dealing with puppy biting and chewing
  • basic husbandry and grooming skills, preparing puppy for uneventful visits to the vet and groomer
  • introducing leash and collar, basic manners
  • preventing later problem behaviors like jumping, barking, and biting
  • establishing a healthy, respectful, yet fun, relationship and good communication

For puppies under 14 weeks old: 1,  2 1/2 hour in-home lesson.

$325   **This program may be rolled over into the Head Start program. Ask your trainer for details.

Head Start

Appropriate for puppies under 16 weeks old at program start.

This program includes all the foundation work in the “Quick Start” crash course, with as-you-go guidance and support. We also add important skills for lifelong good manners and early obedience.  In addition to the foundational skills, we’ll introduce beginning obedience skills like:


  • walking nicely on a loose leash (no pulling!)
  • sitting for polite greetings (no jumping!)
  • going to and staying on a bed or cot (so you can turn your back for a moment without wondering what puppy will get into next)
  • coming when called
  • the ever-important  “leave it” (because puppies love to pick up everything!)


We’ll teach you some developmentally appropriate, structured games, to make the most of playtime with your pup and support your training efforts.



  • Puppy Prodigy (private lessons):  6 lessons, at your home, to guide you step-by-step through our Puppy Head Start program. Includes training equipment, unlimited access to our online support materials, and personal “trainer in your pocket” support (email / text message access) through 6 months of age.      $1025


  • Star Student (private lessons):  The best of both worlds! Personalized every-other-week instruction at your home, with the added benefits of our online tutorials and support.  3 private lessons, over 6 weeks. Includes training equipment.        $725


  • Digital Pup:  Our unique Your Puppy Fix self-paced online puppy training, week-by-week lesson plans, with weekly live virtual coaching and video review.  (Add-on virtual private session(s) available for distance learners)      $197
STARTING EARLY PAYS:  We believe very strongly in the value of early training, and want you to benefit as much as your dog!  Completion (and maintenance) of our puppy training programs entitles you to significant discounts off future classes, private, and/or immersion training programs

Older Puppies / Adult Dog Training

Adult dogs and puppies over 4-5 months process information differently from younger puppies, and have the focus and mental maturity necessary to succeed in a more formal training program.

We focus 100% on your individual training goals, and adjust our training to your dog’s individual temperament or developmental needs.

These programs are best for families who have time and energy to dedicate to their dog’s learning experience.  Your dog’s success depends on your dedication to his success. 

As long as you’re committed, you can expect quick improvements in undesirable behaviors, clearer communication, and a better relationship between you and your dog. Reliable learning of new, more desirable behaviors and manners follow quickly.

During the “active learning” phase of your training, you’ll be practicing daily.  Once the initial training is over, you’ll need to maintain what your dog has learned by using it regularly. 

Don’t worry!  It may sound like a lot, but we’ll help you figure out specifically how to work training into your schedule, and into your daily activities. 

Our unique aftercare, support, and specialty classes ensure you’ll have the means to maintain what you and your dog have worked hard for.

Now offering Life Skills for Dogs online!  

Life Skills for Dogs

For puppies and dogs over 16 weeks

This program is perfect for dogs who are “pretty good, but…”. 

….they may have minor behavior issues, such as jumping up, nuisance barking, pulling on the leash, rushing the door, or a general inability to settle down.

Maybe you just want to make sure you’re getting everything right with your young dog or your new-to-you dog.  

We’ll focus on your dog’s calm state of mind, and help you to establish the structure and rules your dog needs to be happy, confident, and well-behaved.

Together, we’ll teach your dog basic on-leash obedience skills and good manners, to help you both navigate the world we live in. 

As you go through the process of learning these skills (and teaching them to your companion!), you’ll also be building a relationship based on clear communication and mutual respect.  

Perfect for owners who need quick results, and for those who want their dogs to become enjoyable companions.

  • Relationship First–Learn to influence dog’s behavior and decisions, to get cooperation w/out conflict
  • Communication skills- communication goes both ways 😉
  • Calm IS a skill that can be taught
  • on-leash basic skills (even with distractions)–loose leash walking, stay at your side when stopped, “come”
  • Go to / stay on cot or bed
  • good manners for around the home and out in public–sitting politely for greetings, waiting at doors, waiting calmly while you stop to talk with someone

YOU learn: How to use this skill set to help your dog be the awesome companion you deserve, in every situation

  • includes training equipment (training collar, leash(es), place cot sized for your dog)
  • successful completion will earn you VIP status, with preferred rates on any future group classes or private training programs



  • Immersion jump start w/ private lessons :   5-7 day board & train where we do the heavy lifting of the beginning of training, as we “reset” your dog’s mind and behavior patterns, and start to instill new ones.  (dog must be comfortable in a crate for 4-6 hours) Go-home lesson plus up to 3 additional private lessons at your home and in public, to teach YOU to continue teaching your dog.  Includes training equipment and dog cot, “trainer in your pocket” lifetime support access (text / phone)  $1475


  • Private lessons-fast track: Begin with a one-day jump start “day training” with me, then 8 weeks’ training follow up (four private lessons.) We’ll begin at your home, and move out to public locations for distraction training during the later lesson(s).  Includes training equipment and dog cot, and “trainer in your pocket” lifetime support (text / phone)  $1025

  • Private lessons-mini:   Personalized instruction, with the added benefits of unlimited access to our online Life Skills for Dogs tutorials and support. 2 in-person lessons at your home   Includes training equipment and dog cot  $725

  • Online–lifetime access to course material, with live virtual coaching and video review   $247

*if remote collar is used, cost will be added to program (typically $180 for most dogs)

Essential Obedience 

For dogs over 5 months old.

This character-changing program is perfect for people who want a dog who will make good choices on his own, because he WANTS to. It’s designed to develop a once-in-a-lifetime relationship with your dog, while teaching rock-solid obedience skills on and off-leash.

It’s also the recommended program for dogs with more serious behavioral issues, aggression, anxiety, or fear-related problems.  

Skills taught:

On- and Off-leash

  • Heel 
  • Sit (& Sit-stay)
  • Stand (& Stand-stay)
  • Come
  • Down (& Down-stay)
  • Leave it 
  • Manners for home and in public

You’ll learn how (and when!) to apply these skills to all kinds of real life situations, so that you and your dog can navigate your world with more freedom and ease.


This program is demanding, and requires commitment! It is a good fit for you if:

  • You see training your dog as a long-term process
  • You’re looking for a partnership relationship with your dog that’s “more”–more in-tune with each other, more freedom and ease that you can allow when you have more control 
  • You’re willing to learn a new skill set (never as easy as it may sound!)
  • You have the dedication and desire to invest 60-90 minutes per day, 6 days per week, to obtain those results
  • You understand that this training effort and partnership will require maintenance over the long term–training is a lifestyle!

If your dog has significant behavioral difficulties (fear, nervousness, reactivity, aggression), this program can make worlds of difference, and we can help you!!  But, your path to off-leash reliability may be longer and require more time and effort.

Typically, dogs and owners complete this program in 8-10 lessons. 

Since this program is highly individualized, and can be customized to suit your dog’s needs, please contact us for pricing

A Note About Behavior Solutions

When creating solutions to dogs’ more serious problem behaviors, such as aggression, fear, or anxiety, we take an individualized, whole-dog approach.  Instead of playing “whack-a-mole” by addressing single, sometimes quirky, behaviors, we look at underlying causes of those behaviors, and work to change the dog’s mindset and learned responses. 

Very often, going through the process of  training for obedience changes the dog’s mindset and character so favorably and deeply, that problems melt away.  In certain other cases, we may add other techniques, tools, and approaches, to provide a complete approach.  Please don’t be fooled by promises of a miracle cure or quick fix!  If a dog has had a long time to rehearse and develop serious problem behaviors, there is no such thing as an overnight turnaround.

Group Classes

Real Life group practice class

Practice your skills in real-world scenarios, in a controlled group setting.  We offer this class as a fun way to maintain and polish the training you and your dog have worked hard for.

This drop-in class  is open to graduates of our private programs.

Other group classes:

  • Fundamentals Obedience:  AKC on-leash Novice skills:  6-week class. Currently closed, but you may  CLICK HERE for more information.
  • Specialty topic clinics, available to graduates of our private obedience programs and Fundamentals group class. Topics may include adding the remote collar for off-leash skills, mastering the recall, teaching a formal retrieve, or advanced obedience skills.  These clinics are typically 2-3 sessions and are announced about a month ahead of time.