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Effective, personalized dog training, puppy training, and dog behavior solutions in Anne Arundel County, MD and surrounding areas

Not in Maryland? Have a crazy schedule that doesn’t allow for the usual training program?

Check out our popular, affordable, ONLINE Life Skills for Dogs program, with live coaching–now open for enrollment

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You deserve to enjoy your dog!

Sound like a tall order? Too good to be true?


Maybe you’ve just brought home a new puppy and want to make sure you get everything right.  But first you need to get a grip on the housetraining, and the biting, and the chewing, and the barking,  and maybe you’re wondering if this was such a great idea after all…


Or….you love your older dog, but some of the things he does are driving you a little crazy lately… 


You’d like him to listen all the time, not just when he feels like it…


You want to be able to enjoy your walks and other outdoor activities together, instead of having to leave your dog home because of his bad manners or unruly behavior… 


Don’t let the frustrations and struggles of owning a dog outweigh the joy.


We can help…

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People often comment on how well behaved our dog is when we are out around town. Kirsten is the best around when it comes to training dogs. She truly loves her work, loves the dogs, and is a pleasure to work with.

Kate and Dan L. with Ellie

Why train with us?

Convenience:  We get it–life is busy!  We’ll work to fit your schedule, and come help you in your own house and neighborhood, your dog’s own environment, so the training works where you most need it to, quickly.

Customization:  Our private, individualized, dog and puppy training programs will help you with your exact needs and goals.  We can adjust to your learning style, and your dog’s individual needs in the moment. Since 100% of the training time is yours,  you’ll see better results, faster.

Results:  If the thought of paying for one package of lessons after another, without clear outcome goals, is a little daunting, rest easy! Our programs are put together by outcome goals, not by the hour or number of lessons.  We also include training equipment, so you’ll have the right high-quality tools for your dog, when you need them.  

Support guarantee:  All our private programs come with lifetime support, so you’ll never have to feel stuck if you have questions between lessons or after your program is finished. 

You’ll also have access to online study materials, including lesson notes, homework guides, and video. 

Our biggest goal is for you to not need us any more, but we’ll be there if you do, as long as you do. 

Puppy Training

Annapolis puppy trainingPuppies are like little sponges, learning and absorbing information every moment of every day, whether you’re teaching them intentionally or not.  Give your puppy the best start possible with our puppy head start program.



Private Lessons

and Anne Arundel private dog trainingOur private programs for older puppies and adult dogs focus on your and your dog’s individual needs; we help you stop annoying behaviors quickly, create a calm mindset, build a strong relationship based on mutual trust and respect, and teach desirable behaviors for truly enjoyable companionship.

Online Training Program

mockup of online Life Skills for Dogs training programOur signature online program, Life Skills for Dogs, is an affordable way to access our most popular training whenever you want, from wherever you are. We’ll guide you step by step, as you teach your dog basic obedience skills and good manners. You’ll learn not only the ‘what’, but also the ‘why’, and our live coaching sessions provide support and accountability.

How it works

connect with us

Once you’ve checked out our services and faq pages, fill out our contact form to tell us about your dog and your goals for training, we’ll set up a time to talk, and we’ll come up with a training plan that works for you both.

train together

Depending on the program, we may help you get started by doing some of the training FOR you. In every program, we’ll  teach you, and to help you teach your dog.  We make it  easy!  We come to you, on your schedule, and are happy to answer questions and give guidance between sessions.

use it, don't lose it

The long-term success of any dog training program depends on follow through;  it’s a piece of cake with our unique support program.  Once you complete your training, you’re one of the family, and drop-in practice classes, special topic clinic classes, and trainer support are available to you for as long as you need them!